Dark Electro / Aggrotech / EBM
New EP 'Lease of Life' Now Available!


XENOBEAT is a dark electro band formed in the UK. Originally founded in 2019 by frontman Andrew 'Aro' Owen and producer Thomas Yorkshire, XENOBEAT began new life in 2020 as a darker and more aggressive musical element than the duo's previous projects, now heavily influenced by harsh industrial and aggrotech themes.

The name 'XENOBEAT' refers to a sound or beat of unknown origin. Prior to the groups current formation, they have produced music in the past, most notably as the experimental futurepop group named 'Tankard Haus', but opted to pursue XENOBEAT full time due-to musical preferences.

The first official XENOBEAT release was their single 'On The Edge' released in October 2020, shortly followed two EP releases, one in November 2020 named 'Manipulator' & the other in March 2021 called 'Dis'. The most recent release is the EP titled 'Lease of Life' which was released in May 2022. All of XENOBEAT's current catalogue are samples of their upcoming album titled 'Unrepentant', TBD.



The complete discography composed by XENOBEAT to date.
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Lease of Life [EP]

1. Lease of Life

2. Dis (MjN Remix)

3. Manipulator (Last Stand Remix)

4. Dis (Muta-scuM Remix)

5. When The Beer Is Gone (MjN Remix)


Dis [EP]

1. Dis
2. Manipulator (MjN Remix)

3. On The Edge (Syd.31 Remix)

4. Manipulator (Jake 'The Voice' Parr Remix)


Manipulator [EP]

1. Manipulator

2. On The Edge (MjN Remix)

3. On The Edge (Renoized Remix)

4. Manipulator (Radio Edit)


On The Edge [Single]

1. On The Edge
2. On The Edge (Extended Mix)


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XENOBEAT - Lease of Life [Official Lyric Video]
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XENOBEAT - Dis [Official Lyric Video]
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XENOBEAT - Manipulator
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